Strategic Corporate Alliances
Strategic Corporate Alliances
Strategic Corporate Alliances
Sendzimer 20 High Cold Rolling Mills

Equipment professionally dismantled and match marked and now stored in a warehouse

Sendzimir ZR 22 49” Rolling Mill – Max width 1270mm – Max speed 235/min

Specification: max speed 235 m/min, range of thickness 0.4 - 3.00mm, max width 1270mm, max coil weight 21,000Kg, max tension 300KN, max roll separating force 6000KN, diameter of rolling work 48-61mm, type of wiper for rolling oil pollastrelli wipers, rolling oil 5000 litres/min, oil renoform 29, pay off max 38KN (auto slow down)

Features: with two  accuracy gamma ray thickness measuring systems, reversible first pass/pay off reeler, left & right main reelers, two reversible paper wrapper/un-wrapper, one paper un-wrapper, fume extraction system, oil & coolant system

Motor power by Marelli comprising: mill 1620KW, winders two x 920KW, two marelli 1000KW & one 1750KW generators, marelli 3200KW sincrono (synchronized) motor operators control panel room and freestanding control panels

Massive quantity of new and unused spare parts!!

Sendzimer ZR 20 Rolling Mil

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