Strategic Corporate Alliances
Strategic Corporate Alliances
Strategic Corporate Alliances
Board & Senior Executives

Jaz Sahota - Chairman –

Jaz SahotaJaz Sahota has been actively involved at the forefront of the ever changing Asset Disposal business for some twenty years now and has successfully devised and executed many different disposal strategies for large organizations who wanted to liquidate their assets.

Specialized in the steel industry, he is also experienced in the foundry and heavy engineering sector and over past ten years has managed to generate in excess of one hundred million Euros from USED equipment sales alone for his various worldwide clients. A particular specialty that has been developed and matured over the years is the ability to negotiate the sale of “Complete Plants” to a single purchaser or assist both sides into getting involved in a Joint Venture arrangement with each other.

Due to the sensitivity of closures at operating plants in successful companies, it has sometimes been imperative to keep publicity to a minimum and a low profile approach has had to be adopted. With this in mind, a new strategy was developed from which a unique network of international contacts emerged who are ready and able to conclude transactions without delay. A major advantage of this is that the seller has the security to sell his assets promptly after he no longer has any use for them and the purchaser benefits by being able to arrange prompt removal. This leads to a speedy transaction and in many cases, the purchaser is prepared to pay a premium for the assets.

Even in this difficult financial climate the current market place for specific capital assets is still buoyant and a number of retained clients are now looking to expand not only with used equipment but with a combination of used and NEW equipment. This could only be achieved if a number of key global organizations fully co-operated with each other and pooled their resources, expertise and experience. This need has been one of the major factors as to why Strategic Corporate Alliances was established and in support of this a number of projects valued at some two hundred and fifty million Euros are already underway.

In the summer of 2010 it was decided that the company should diversify and enter the "Commodity Trading" business and we are busy getting this division set up. The main reason is that a lot of our existing clients are large conglomerates who are active in many different sectors and are now looking to expand their range of services and activities in their home country. With this in mind and the fact that “we are already trading internationally on all five continents” we feel that we are ideally placed to source products from a wide range of suppliers around the globe in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

Giuseppe Corti - Chief Executive Officer –

Giuseppe CortiGiuseppe Corti has held senior positions for some of the world leading companies for well over a decade. He has headed various aspects of the businesses including sales and marketing, strategy, financing, budgeting and logistics, thus gained invaluable leadership experience.

In one of his recent positions he was European President & CEO of one of the largest Asset Disposal & Valuation firms in the world and developed close working relationships with firms such as Corus, ThyssenKrupp, Fiat Group, Seagate, Procter & Gamble, Eaton, Alitalia, UTC, Pfizer, Renault Nissan, Unilever etc. His main responsibilities were to expand a number of sale offices, appoint agents, increase market share in existing verticals and diversify into new fields of expertise. His success lead to the eventual sale of the group to a Public company.

Over the years, he has developed a very strong network of contacts that stretches to all corners of the globe and is now closely working with these people to create new business opportunities within the Heavy Engineering and Industrial disposal sector which is currently experiencing a strong re-emergence. This is an exciting prospect and fresh challenge for the new company and currently he is creating and implementing disposal strategies for such companies as Corus, ThyssenKrupp, Acciaierie Valbruna, Mec Acciai, Ilva Riva Group, Ford Group etc. and has already achieved some successful outcomes.

In order to expand on his wide ranging activities, earlier this year he was appointed Vice President of Emea who are one of the largest Telemedicine Companies in the world and is currently overseeing their expansion so that they can significantly and quickly increase their market share outside of the USA.

Masoud Shirazi - Executive Director –

Masoud ShiraziMasoud Shirazi has a twenty year technical and hands on management background in steelmaking and the subsequent hot rolling processes. He has developed good professional relationships with companies such as Mannesmann Demag, SMS Demag , Siemens VAI, MAN Ferrostaal, Techint, VAI Pomini, Danieli, Uhde, Corus, and has been closely involved in a number of industrial projects. These include specifying new equipment with state of the art technology for new investments, as well as sourcing plants in operation for modernization program and upgrading schemes of existing production lines.

In addition, over the more recent years he has gained extensive experience in providing engineering & management consultancy services, from Ore mines through to steel downstream processes, for investors worldwide with particular emphasis in the Middle Eastern and European markets. Some examples of such practice are the purchasing, dismantling and delivery of a used 600 000 tons of Bar mill from Corus in the Netherlands; the sourcing, negotiation and purchase of a new 300,000 tons rolling mill from VAI Pomini in Italy; providing management, contracting and due diligence on a business rescue package and a subsequent increase in its profitability for a Coil mill in the Middle East; arranging Consortium negotiations for an EPC contract with MAN Ferrostaal for a Petrochemical Down Stream project in the Middle East.

To support these services he now heads a highly motivated team of multidiscipline engineers who have gained great expertise in all aspects of project management and execution; from compiling feasibility studies, project plan, technology and knowhow transfer, license acquirement, personnel recruitment & training, procurement, contract negotiations, financing, erection and commissioning of equipment keeping in mind all current environment controls, safety issues and generally over seeing that all aspects of the contract are fully adhered to during the length of the project.


Kit Kung - Executive Director –

Kit KungKit Kung is the founder and head of one of the most enterprising industrial American/Far Eastern engineering groups. For over thirty years, he has actively traded in used, revamped and reconditioned plants with such companies as General Electric, Shanghai Electric, China No. 2 (Erzhong), CITIC Heavy. Due to the re-emergence of the heavy engineering sector, the holder company has recently expanded its operations into Germany with the former executives of one of the worlds most respected machine tool manufacturers and is now successfully designing and manufacturing very large new equipment for not only the aforementioned companies but others such as Richter Maschinenfabric AG and many other leading groups.

Currently, the group company is equipping some of the heaviest machine shops in the world with brand new large capacity CNC machine tools and are currently designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning machinery such as; Vertical Borers up to – 22M swing, 12.5M height, loading 600 tons and Horizontal Borers up to – travel 25M, height 8M, ram 2.2M, spindle 3M, loading 300 tons and Heavy Duty Lathes up to – 3.5M swing, between centres 25M, loading 400 tons and Gantry Mills up to – daylight 8M, height 8M, travel 30M and Gear Hobbers up to – 16M swing, loading 250 tons and Presses up to - 16,500 tons.

The holder company also supplies Steelmaking, Rolling Mill and Processing equipment such as Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle Furnaces, Continuous Casters, Hot and Cold Rolling Mills, Galvanizing Lines, Pickling Lines, Colour Coating Lines have been supplied to expanding organizations and a point which is most important to note is that a growing number of them have not only purchased the “individual” piece of equipment but have asked them to undertake the whole expansion project and therefore do the Engineering and integrate all ancillary/supporting equipment such as cranes, extraction, etc., and thus supply a Complete Meltshop or Rolling or Processing facility.

Some of the aforementioned projects have required their own power and therefore over the years expertise has been developed in the Power Generation Sector and they are supplying not only individual pieces such as Turbines and Generators but also are integrating them into projects via their Engineering division.


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