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Forging Press C/W Manipulator

Open Die Hydraulic Forging Press

Technical Specifications:

Tonnage 16500 ton
Operating pressure 50/100/150/165 MN
Operating media Oil/water
  Anti-friction hydraulic oil
Design pressure of the systems 35 MPa
Normal pressure of the systems 31.5 MPa
Drive type Oil / water pumps (Direct drive)
Ram stroke 3500 mm
Daylight opening 8000 mm
Distance between columns (L-R) 7000 mm
Offset distance of loading at 165 MN 300 mm
Offset distance of loading at 110 MN 400 mm
Offset distance of loading at 55MN 750 mm
Table size 5000 x 12000 mm
Table travel 2 x 6500 mm
Table return force 2 x 11 MN
Table feed force 8 MN
Accuracy of forging workpiece +/- 2.5 mm
Forging speed 80 ~ 240 mm/s

Forging frequency

Fast forging (50 MN), stroke 100 mm
Planishing down stroke 50 mm, 20 times/min
Normal forging (100 MN), stroke 400 mm
Planishing down stroke 150 mm, 8 times/min
Normal forging (150 MN), stroke 600 mm
Planishing down stroke 240 mm, 5 times/min
Normal forging (165 MN), stroke 780 mm
Planishing down stroke 280 mm, 3 ~ 4 times/min
Normal forging (165 MN), stroke 1200 mm
Planishing down stroke 850 mm, 1 ~ 2 times/min
Total height of the machine 25,600 mm
Machine height above ground 18,000 mm
Machine depth underground 7,600 mm
Floor space occupied 11,520 x 36,640 mm
Max. weight of workpiece 450  ton
Total weight of the machine 3600 ton

Forging Manipulator

Rail-Bound Forging Manipulator

System Capabilities

Carrying capacity 250 ton
Tongs moment   630 ton/m
Load moment 18,075 kNm
(related to centre of front wheels)             1,800 ton/m
Static stability factor 2.5

Main Dimensions

Length, approx. 23 m
Width, approx. 9.4 m
Height, approx. 9.9 m
Center distance of rail 6.9 m
Traveling distance 28 m
Height of upper edge of rail over ground ± 0 m
Minimum space between bottom of oil tank and ground 0.25 m

Weights and Wheel Loads

Machine Weight on rails, approx. 2,000 ton
Weight of Lantern Racks, approx. 20 ton
(2 lantern racks for a travel distance of 28 meters )

Clamping Plier

Maximum clampable round 4,000 mm
Maximum clampable square 3,400 mm
Minimum clampable round and square 1,100 mm
Minimum clampable round and square with inserts            600 mm
Opening and closing speed of clamp plier             100 mm/sec
Turning diameter of max. Clamp plier 5,700 mm
Lowest distance of clamp plier from rail height 1,500 mm
Maximum pararell vertical height above rail 5,150 mm
Displacement/movement speed of vertical height   100 mm/sec
Angle of elevation 5 degree
Angle of depression 10 degree
Speed of elevation & depression 100 mm/sec

Horizontal left and right displacement/Movement distance

± 345 mm
Speed of horizontal movement     75 mm/sec
Clamp angle of horizontal movement ±3.5 deg.
Clamp speed of horizontal side clamp 0.85 sec/deg.
Traveling accuracy of horizontal clamp 2 mm

Traveling distance of horizontal backward And forward hydraulic cusshion

±600 mm

Traveling distance of vertical hydraulic cusshion/Damping

±250 mm
Clamping depth of plier 1,450 mm

Note: There are a total of three (3) types of clamping jaws offerred; namely:

(1) Permanently installed standard jaws, which the range of the clamping diameters are from 1,100 to 4,000 mm;

(2) There is additional jaws avalable with different size jaws, which the range of the clamping diameter are from 600 to 2,800 mm; and

(3) Fianlly, there is the extension arms for discs, which the range of the clamping diameter are from 0 to 6,000 mm.

Traveling Drive

Running speed (Forging mode w/250 ton Load) 0 – 15 m/min
Running speed (Transport mode w/250 ton Load) 15 – 30 m/min
Running acceleration (Forging mode w/250 ton Load 1.2 mm/sec2
Running acceleration (Transport mode w/250 ton Load) 0.6 mm/sec2
Traveling accuracy

±5 mm

Rotating speed of clamp plier 0 – 30 deg./sec
Positioning accuracy for clamp plier rotation ±5 degree
Usable torque at clamp plier 1,200 kNm
Total torque of drive units at clamp plier    2,230 kNm

The drive is equipped with an automatic hydraulic gear. The switching between the two gears is operated without the interruption of the machine motions according to the needs of the forging processes.

Hydraulic System

Hydraulic working pressure 25 MPa
Hydraulic tongs pressure            35 MPa

Hydraulic Pump Aggregate


High pressure axial piston pumps with pressure compensation for the supply of the hydraulic

Accumulator system driven by six (6) Electric-motors, output:

6 x 200 kW
1,000 rpm

Axial piston ration six (6) pumps

6 x 470 l/min
250 bar

Cooling circuit motors

2 x 75 kW
1,500 rpm

Cooling circuit pumps

1,500 l/min
10 bar

Pressure control motor

1 x 75 kW 1,000 rpm

Pressure control pump

235 l/min
160 bar

Pumps for clamping plier (one for backup)           

2 x 22.5 l/min
350 bar

Motors for clamping plier (one for backup)           

2 x 15 kW
1,500 rpm

Accumulator 2 x 250 liter
Oil tank 1 x 20,000 liter
Oil grade ISO VG46

Hydraulic Oil Cooling System (on condition of a constant water inlet temperature of ≤ 35°C)

Water-/oil cooling system

Cooling capacity 350 kW
Required Cooling water flow 1,070 l/min


Total Output Power

Main motors output 1,200 kW
Total electrical motors power 1,380 kW
Hydraulic oil cooling

500 kW

Voltage for main motors 380 ± 10% V
Control voltage

220 ± 10% V

Frequency 50 ± 10% Hz

Central Lubrication System

Central lubrication system, Automatically controllable via the PLC-system, (except manual lubrication of tongs)

Electrical motor output 1.0 kW

Material Consumption

Volume of oil filling 20,000 liter
Cooling water flow rate

1,200 l/min

Minimum water pressure 0.4 Mpa
Water temperature ≤ 35o
Compressed air pressure 0.40 – 0.45 MPa

Forging Manipulator


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