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Horizontal Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

The hot-dip galvanization process is one of the most commonly used and applicable anti-corrosive treatments to steel strip products. There are two types of the annealing methods: (1) the off-line annealing; and (2) the on-line annealing manufacturing process methods. The on-line annealing method is first to treat, leveling, cleaning, etc., the steel strip (cold or hot rolled strip coil), on-line; then the strip is galvanized in the zinc pot when the strip is passing through the production line. There are several examples of the well proven on-line annealing methods in the world, such as Sendzimir and United American Steel galvanization process methods.

The Horizontal Hot-Dip Galvanized Line (“Galvanized Line”) offered from herein adapts the processing method from the United American Steel, which applies the horizontal galvanization production process. The process flow starts from the cleaning section, then non-oxidizing annealing, then hot-dip galvanizing, then cooling after galvanization, then skin-passing, then stretch leveling, then chroming, then oiling, etc. Please see the enclosed flow chart for more details.

A typical Horizontal Galvanized Line would comprise with the following major manufacturing equipment and devices:

  • Payoff  reel
  • Entry looper (degrease)
  • Annealing furnace
  • Zinc pot
  • Skin pass
  • Leveller
  • Exit looper
  • Tension reel
  • All optional auxiliary devices

The most important piece of equipment within a Galvanized Line is the annealing furnace, which is the heart of the plant. Thus, the referred annealing furnace in this production line is the well selected and proven products from the markets. The equipment offered herein has been installed and operated since in no less than twenty different Galvanized Lines in various markets in the last three years.

There are two methods of producing galvanized coils; namely, it is the vertical line and the horizontal line. For the higher production capacity (more than 200,000 tons per year) galvanized coils, the manufacturing galvanization treatment requires the vertical manufacturing process technology; such as in the cases for automotive industry. For the lower production capacity (less than 200,000 tons per year) galvanized coils, then the manufacturing process would accept the horizontal galvanization treatment technology. The difference between the two processes is that in the vertical line, the coil would travel up-and-down many routes within the annealing furnace, which would allow the steel strip being heated much longer in the oven. The net result is that the elasticity of the coil would be improved substantially due to the softening effect on the steel strip by the long period of heating. Therefore, it is in comparison to the horizontal processing line, the quality and the production capacity of the end products from the vertical line is much higher. However, the costs of the construction of a vertical galvanization line are almost doubling the similar costs of a horizontal galvanization line. Herein we introduce the Horizontal Hot-Dip Galvanization Line with the annual production capacity up to 200,000 tons, which is resulted by increasing the strip traveling speed of the Galvanized Lines.

Model No. Strip Traveling Speed (m/min) Production Capacity (ton/year)
BGL-60 60 100,000
BGL-120 120 150,000
BGL-160 160 200,000

1. Key Technical Parameters of a Horizontal Galvanized Line ·        

  • Width of the coil is between 800 – 1250 mm
  • Thickness of the coil is between 0.4 – 2.0 mm
  • The maximum processing speed is about 60 meter per minute
  • Total length of the line is about 210 meters
  • Production capacity is between 100,000 to 300,000 tons per annum
  • Weight entry:  Minimum 4 kg/1 mm of the width Maximum 10 kg/1 mm of the width exit the same

2. Incoming Raw Material

Options: Full hard coils/strips
Pickled coils/strips

Output Production Range

Thickness 0.57mm  40%
1.40mm  40%
1.90mm  10%
Others 10%
Coating  Minimum Minimum 100 gr/m² 90%
110 – 300 gr/m² 10%

The Galvanized Line is a continuous annealing galvanization process for steel strip (coil). The required quality of the incoming material is either cold rolled hard coil or hot rolled coil; which is measured up to the industrial standards of SPCC, SPCD, SPCE. The quality of the output products (coil) are measured up to the European industrial standard of E10215-1995 (DX51D+AZ).

Note: If one requires much higher production capacity of galvanized products, then please ask for The Hot-Dip Vertical Galvanized Line.

Horizontal Hot-Dip Galvanized Line

Horizontal Hot-Dip Galvanized Line




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