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Colour Coating Line

The colour coating process is one of the most widely used and applicable treatments to steel strip products. The Colour Coating Line offered referred herein adapts the processing method commonly used in the industry. The process flow starts from the entry and cleaning section, then to a number of coating operations, then through heating ovens, cooling after coating, then to exist and storage section, etc.

A typical Colour Coating Line would comprise with the following major manufacturing equipment and devices:

  • Entry reels
  • Cleaning devices
  • Water cut-off and curing ovens
  • Chroming coater
  • Primary and finish coaters
  • Laminating device
  • Exit and storage reels
  • All optional auxiliary equipment and infrastructure

The Colour Coating Line has the following main characteristics and properties:

  • Horizontal reduced style bright finish continuous drying oven, with electrical heating radiant tube; all these equipment can be easily controlled and maintained, resulting in uniform heating and good strip shape.
  • Light ceramic fiber used as the inner lining of the drying oven, which has the advantage of quick furnace set up and low thermal inertial.
  • Protective gas recycle jetting is applied to cool strip in oven with frequency conversion adjustment, which ensures quick and uniform cooling of the coated strip.
  • The products from EMG are used for CPC and EPC; which ensure the steady producing of the line.
  • AC conversion drive control system is applied with good human-machine interface and easy maintenance.
  • Optional finger print or bacteria resistance coating.

The most important pieces of equipment within a Colour Coating Line are the water cut-off and curing ovens and the finish coater; which are the center pieces of the plant. Thus, the referred ovens and the finish coater in this production line are the well selected and proven products from the markets. The equipment offered herein have been installed and operated since in no less than twenty different Colour Coating Lines in various markets in the last ten plus years.

The Colour Coating Line is a continuous coating process for steel strip (coil). The required quality of the incoming material is either cold rolled hard coil or hot rolled coil; which is measured up to the various industrial standards. The quality of the output products (coil) are measured up to the European industrial standard of EN 10169.

The followings are the main specifications of the raw materials and end products:

Material Specifications

Raw material status: Cold rolled coil, Galvanized coil
Steel type: GB/T 12754 (Referred standards)
  EN 10024, EN 10152, etc. (European Standards)
Strip thickness: 0.3 ~ 2.0 mm
Strip width: 300 ~ 1550 mm
Coil inner diameter: Ø 508 / 610 mm
Coil outer diameter: Ø 900 ~ 1500 mm
Coil weight: Maximum 20 ton


Yield strength:#D9CCFF σs = max. 510 N/mm2

Products Performance

Product standards: Complied to GB/T 12754
EN 10169 (European Standards)  

Coating Status

Regular spangle
Temper mill rolled spangle
Coating weight: Complied to GB/T 12754
EN 10169 (European Standards)

Technical Specifications

Model No Strip Traveling Speed Unit Production Capacity Unit
BCL-50 50 m/min 80,000 ton/year
BCL-100 100 m/min 150,000 ton/year
BCL-135 135 m/min 200,000 ton/year

Remark: The production capacity is calculated as 6800 working hours per annum; and the thickness and width of the strip are 0.55 mm and 1000 mm respectively.

Colour Coating Line

Colour Coating Line


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